Friday, February 20, 2009

वीकएंड specials

Tonight we are bringing back and old favorite, the butternut squash curry is back Fragrant and flavorful with a touch of sweetness this curry is served over Jasmine rice with Rangoon wontons for a crispy and creamy garnish.
We also have more great seafood specials. The appetizer is seared sea scallops served on a potato cake with toasted hazelnuts, apple cider reduction & creme fraiche. Tart and sweet apple cider complements the richness of the scallops and the potato cake soaks up the flavor so not a drop is lost. For the entree we are serving local yellowtail crusted with ground coriander and grilled, served with crispy noodle pancakes & garlic sauce, braised kohlrabi & meyer lemon-cucumber relish. The rich yellowtail stands up well to the smokey coriander and the braised kohlrabi is somehow earthy and light simultaneously, finished with the tart, sweet and refreshing relish its a complex and well balanced dish.

Appetizer: $10
seared sea scallops on potato cake with toasted hazelnuts,
cider reduction and creme fraiche

Vegetarian Entree: $12
Butternut Squash Curry
with Jasmine rice & rangoon wontons

Fish Entree: $17
Coriander crusted and grilled local yellowtail
served with crispy noodle cake & garlic sauce,
braised kohlrabi & meyer lemon cucumber relish

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