Friday, March 20, 2009


Every Wednesday Night is $5 Burger Night

$5 for a beef burger or a veggie burger
with your choice of french fries or side salad
**all add ons are full price**
***no substitutions***

Next Week Lunch 3/24-2/27

Every Sandwich is $5!
All Regular Sides are $1 to add to a sandwich.


booshthelurker said...

I appreciate the jesture. The fact that the bun extends a full inch past the patty on all sides indicates you are making a smaller burger for wednesdays. The only reason I mention it is you claim that you aren't doing that. If in fact you serve that same burger throughout the week maybe you should get smaller buns.

The Park in Echo Park said...

Hi Boosh.
We actually are serving the same burger, the buns unfortunately do have a tendency to vary in size, we have addressed that with our bread purveyor but the buns do have a superior flavor and texture and so we do what we can. Thanks for your concern and if you can convince them to make a slightly smaller burger bun we will thank you for forever and ever.